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What are the costs?

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There are two types of costs associated with starting NonProfit Corporations by obtaining recognition from the I.R.S. as a 501(c)3 NonProfit Tax Exempt Organization:

  1. Application Fees (click for explanation)
  2. Preparation Fees (click for explanation)

To determine the total cost to start a NonProfit Organization, you must know both the Application Fees and the Preparation Fees. Don’t be misled by quotes that only include Preparation Fees; too often newly formed NonProfit organizations discover additional- and substantial- Application Fees only after the process has already begun.


At, we disclose every single fee, every application and every penny your organization will be required to lay out in order to reach full compliance from both the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service. We’re the “No Surprises” Experts in starting NonProfit Corporations and Organizations.


The costs involved in filing for NonProfit Tax Exempt recognition by the Internal Revenue Service are not the same for every entity. There are any number of 501(c)3 "One Size Fits All” websites claiming to manage filings using a rigid menu of services they perform. Unfortunately for most NonProfit Organizations, the true needs vary substantially. A group intending to feed the poor in Africa has a completely different set of filing needs than a youth soccer team, and a set menu and price quote for both will lead to unnecessary services being performed- unnecessary costs.


The same is true of an animal rescue that has been performing their work for 2 years versus a solar energy advocate who is just putting their organization together. There are organizations who intend to apply for a Group Exemption that will allow subordinates to gain Tax Exemption under their own 501(c)3 umbrella, while others will keep all activities under their own roof. In each case, the services required are different. While you may find a service who sells a “One Size Fits All” program, our experts will perform only what’s necessary, allowing us to Guarantee the Lowest Price to start NonProfit Organizations.


At, we have clients who require as little as $200.00 in Preparation Fees to reach the necessary recognition for their type of NonProfit entity, and on the other hand we also get highly complicated multiple-tier organizations that may require up to $1600.00 in Preparation Fees. The likelihood is that your NonProfit Organization falls somewhere in between.


In order to give you a firm quote, we establish some basic information that will let us put the package together that fulfills your NonProfit Organization's needs exactly. We’ll do only what is required make you fully compliant on both the State and Federal levels.


Call us at (310) 963-7640 and we’ll explain exactly which services are required to start a NonProfit Corporation for you, and exactly how much it will cost. Full fee disclosure is the first step in starting a NonProfit down the road to success.