Medical Marijuana

California Medical Marijuana Nonprofits

The California Compassionate Use Act of 1996 allows the distribution of Medical Marijuana to be made between the members of a Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Cooperative or Collective meeting the guidelines of the California Attorney General.

As the national leader in California Nonprofit formations since 1983, we have worked with State of California Attorneys in the Secretary of State and Attorney General's Offices to establish a wide range of Nonprofit Corporations. We have consulted directly with those same State Attorneys to insure compliant filings for Medical Marijuana Collectives and Cooperatives. Today we stand as the fastest, least expensive and most complete way to establish a State Compliant Medical Marijuana Cooperative or Collective. Compliance is critical in the filings we do for everything from Corporate Charitable Foundations to National Youth Sport Leagues, major California Environmental charities and beyond.

Our focus is exclusively on formation- done the right way. We are able to quickly establish your Cooperative or Collective and bring it into compliance with the requirements of the State of California.

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We provide a new Cooperative or Collective with all four required compliance filings to include in your records to prove you are eligible to transact the business of a Medical Marijuana Cooperative or Collective in California.

California Medical Marijuana Cooperatives and Collectives are not eligible for Tax Exemption from the Federal Government nor with the State of California Franchise Tax Board at this time. Your organization will be expected to pay the same corporate and sales taxes that For-Profit businesses pay.

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