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What are the costs to start a non profit?

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Preparation Fees for filing NonProfit Applications


Preparation Fees charged to start non profit organizations may be described as “Professional Fees” or “Management Fees”, but the charges are for the provider to compile the required information and use if to prepare the necessary applications. will offer you a Flat Preparation Fee instead of the more difficult to control and more expensive hourly application fee charged by many of our competitors.


At TaxFreeCharity, we Guarantee to provide you with the lowest Preparation Fees for the same services performed.


Your Preparation Fees are only one part of the cost puzzle when start NonProfit Organizations- the other piece is Application Fees.


Call us at (310) 963-7640 with any questions. We'll be happy to explain to you exactly what the total of the fees you should expect to start a NonProfit Corporation.