California NonProfit Corporate Officers

If your organization was formed as a California Nonprofit Corporation, you will have statutory requirements for the Officers you name to serve.

California requires that you name persons to the following three offices:

  • CEO
  • Secretary
  • CFO

The CEO of a California NonProfit Public Benefit Corporation may not, while serving as CEO, concurrently serve as either the CFO or the Secretary. The CFO and Secretary roles may both be served by the same person. The CFO and Secretary are ineligible to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors while serving in the role of CFO or Secretary.

The Officer rules for California NonProfit Public Benefit Corporations above are also the same for California NonProfit Religious Corporations.

A California NonProfit Mutual Benefit Corporation, a type of Nonprofit Corporation most commonly associated with a Homeowner's Associations, may have just a single Officer serving in all of the roles concurrently- CEO, CFO and Secretary. That same Officer would also be eligible to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Your Bylaws should provide an outline of how your California NonProfit Corporation will operate, including how your Officers are selected, their duties, duration of their terms and requirements for their removal.

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