Types of 501C Non-Profits

501(c) NonProfit Tax Exempt Organizations

501(c)(1) — Corporations organized under acts of Congress such as Federal Credit Unions

501(c)(2) — Title holding corporations for exempt organizations

501(c)(3) — Charitable, non-profit, religious, and educational organizations

501(c)(4) — Civic Leagues and Social Welfare organizations

501(c)(5) — Labor Unions and Agriculture

501(c)(6) — Business league and chamber of commerce organizations

501(c)(7) — Social and Recreational club organizations

501(c)(8) — Fraternal Beneficiary Societies

501(c)(9) — Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Associations

501(c)(10) — Fraternal lodge societies

501(c)(11) — Teachers' retirement fund associations

501(c)(12) — Life Insurance Associations, Mutual Irrigation and Telephone Companies

501(c)(13) — Cemetery companies

501(c)(14) — Credit Unions

501(c)(15) — Mutual insurance companies

501(c)(16) — Corporations organized to finance crop operations

501(c)(17) — Employee associations

501(c)(18) — Employee-funded pension trusts created before June 25, 1959

501(c)(19) — Veterans' organizations

501(c)(20) — Group legal services plan organizations

501(c)(21) — Black lung benefit trusts

501(c)(22) — Withdrawal liability payment fund

501(c)(23) — Veterans' organizations created before 1880

501(c)(25) — Title-holding corporations for other qualified exempt organizations

501(c)(26) — High-risk health coverage organizations

501(c)(27) —Workers' compensation reinsurance organizations

501(c)(28) — National railroad retirement trust